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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Framed! Repurposing Frames and Quilts

 Gina Covell Maddox:"How Starfish Become Stars.""
Do you have old picture frames or windows in the attic? In the basement? Who doesn't? They're kind of sad. They've sort of lost their purpose.

Which is why it's so cool to repurpose them.
Framing a quilt has always been an alternative method for showing quilts. 
Shown on Traditional Home
There are several home dec reasons for framing quilting.
  • A frame gives it a sharp edge that looks great in home decoration.
  • A frame makes it easier to hang a quilt.
  • A frame keeps the quilt flat.

But there are also archival reasons to frame a quilt.

Found on Country Sampler
  • You can frame pieces of an otherwise ruined quilt in ways that keep it safe.
  • You can use UV glass to protect the quilt.
  • You can protect the quilt from soil and dust.
  • You can frame an quilted piece of embroidery in a way that makes it look quite finished.

It's also a great way just to show off.

From The Creative Iron
We have these new laser cut fabric "posters" from Creative Iron.They're an beautifully cut saying in iron on fabric. Now how pretty is that?

But do you have to quilt it to show it off? Don't be silly! 

Karen took this great soft print, ironed her saying on and framed it with a great left over picture frame. Instant Art! 
And just as cute as a button.

See what's hanging around your attic. There may be a picture frame that's the perfect frame for your next project.

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